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The Best Building and Pest Inspections are focused on providing a quality service, thorough inspections and detailed reports delivered by email to you on the same day as the completed inspection.

A building inspection is carried out prior to purchase to inform the purchaser of any major defects to the buildings structure.  It also considers other building elements and their general condition in relation to the age and construction type of the inspected building.  

A timber pest inspection is recommended to be performed at the same time as the building inspection.  Timber pest damage to buildings include damage from termite attack, wood borer attack and fungal decay from water ingress onto the timber structure of the building.  The timber pest inspection also informs the purchaser of any conditions on or around the building that are conducive to timber pest attack.

When its time to order your Building and Pest Inspection, order The Best.  The Best Building and Pest Inspections.

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